Eurocept invests in the development of medicines for rare metabolic diseases by acquisition of the French company Lucane Pharma SA

Ankeveen, 20th October 2017

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals announces that it acquired the Paris based company Lucane Pharma SA, effective 20th October 2017.
Lucane Pharma, established in 2009, is active in the field of development, registration and bringing to the market of medicines that are used in the treatment of rare metabolic diseases. The products of Lucane Pharma are currently sold in 22 countries. Lucane Pharma is committed to develop new medicines, in cooperation with care professionals in the field of rare metabolic diseases, and bring these medicines to the market at a fair price. Eurocept is a leader in simplifying the therapeutic relationship between doctors and patients. Eurocept Pharmaceuticals develops, registers, produces, distributes and markets and sells medicinal products in therapeutic areas such as anesthesia, oncology, immunology and neurology.

Mike van Woensel, CEO/President on the acquisition of Lucane Pharma: “this transaction fits in the “buy and build” strategy that Eurocept conducts, with focus on acquisition of pharmaceutical products and /or companies as well as on acquisition of companies that are actively engaged in medical specialist homecare in the Netherlands and other Northern-European countries. With Lucane Pharma, we develop in cooperation with medical professionals medicines for patients with a rare disease. Improved patient care and results at acceptable cost are a priority. I am proud that we will extend this expertise in the area of complex and far-reaching diseases and share this expertise with global networks, in cooperation with involved and engaged specialists.”

This transaction has been approved by the competent authorities in France.

For more information:
Brigitte Wijngaarden, Executive Assistant Eurocept Pharmaceuticals telephone +31 (0)35 528 8377