We are specialised in the development and commercialisation of medicines targeting rare diseases. French Lucane Pharma was founded in 2009 and is part of the privately owned company Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Holding based in the Netherlands. The Mission of Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Holding is to simplify the treatment relationship between medical doctors and their patients. Within Lucane Pharma this means bringing its products through the regulatory channels to Marketing Approval as quickly as possible to ensure their availability to eligible patients.

Contact with our customers is what drives us. We step in quickly, are entrepreneurial and decisive. We are accountable for our actions and operate transparently. We believe that medicinal products must be readily available for patients and also be obtainable at a reasonable price. If we can help a doctor to quickly get a crucial drug to a patient via a pharmacist, this is our highest priority.

– Thomas Calis, Managing Director Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Holding and operating companies –

Lucane Pharma’s strategy for growth follows three main pathways: Successful development of own drugs, co-development of drugs and in- and out-licensing of medicinal products. Lucane Pharma is actively engaged in the development of 9 products, each of which will offer a significant benefit to patients suffering from very rare disorders who have to take medication every day of their lives to survive or to reduce the pathological complications of their disease.

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals Holding is lead by the people below. To find our more about their capacities and working experience, please click the link to see their LinkedIn profile.

Eurocept International is expanding its global outreach and is actively looking for partners to distribute its products. If you are interested to market one or more of our products in your territory, we invite you to contact businessdevelopment@euroceptpharma.com.